Shipping spare parts is a job

Rounded offers a wide range of spare parts and is shipping the spare parts world wide since 2006. The Rounded team has the knowledge to ship spare parts fast and in a very safe way including full customs support. 

The first method of a returning is return under warranty. This is a method which is used when a product is broken or not functioning as it should be. To read more about this click on the bar below.

We offer 2 Return Solutions

The second method of returning is return for money refund. This method is used when the product does not fit or is not exactly what you want. To read more about this click on the bar below.

"Of course a return is never nice, but we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible"

Daan Janse

Logistics manager,

Return case in 5 easy steps 

To register the return we have made a small overview of 5 easy steps to show you how we do it at!

Checklist what do you need?

  • The Product 
  • The ESD seal with the product label
  • The Invoice 
  • A Box or envelope 



Our return department will analyze how the damage is caused and may ship the part for further investigation.


I have a Rounded account:

Report your return very easily through your account. Click on the blue Button "subscribe your return'' on the top of this page to report your return. (This method is required for customers with a registered account)

I do not have a Rounded account:

Did you place your order without creating an account? Please send the package to the address below. It is very important that you add the printed packing slip or invoice to the package. Do not forget to write the reason of return on the packing slip or invoice to make it possible for our return department to process your order. 



You can find our adress here!


Dep. Return and Reclamation

Address: NOBELWEG 4 / 22A

ZIPCODE + CITY: 4462 GK Goes

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

Subscribe your return

Preparing the return

Sending the return back to us

Research at the returns department

Requirements and return policy for warranty products

1) Your return will be processed based on 3 questions:

- Is the product in the seal (product packaging not opened)? If the product package is opened it is required to include the original packaging from the product also with your return.

- Is the product free of any assembly or installation damage?

- Is the product not used in a device or has been in use?

2) Products must be returned within 3 months after delivery, or Rounded must be informed about the return by an RMA request through your account or an email to within 90 days.

3) Packaging, missing, tracing troubles regarding any return products is the responsibility of the sender.

*for smaller orders, known reasons, and longer distances, there can be made an exception for individual cases. Our support team will verify alternative options for each case separately.

Option 1. Return under warranty

1) Products must be returned within 1 month after delivery, or Rounded must be informed about the return by a RMA request through your account within 30 days or an email to

2) Spare parts that are out of seal, being part of the device, were installed or mounted, or damaged are excluded from our warranty policy for a direct refund. These products cannot be replaced or refunded.

3) Packaging, missing, tracing troubles regarding any return products is the responsibility of the sender.

Option 2. Return for money-back or refund

Requirements and return for money-back or refund

Job well done! 

With this last step our Rounded return Department has analyzed your return and will now contact you about their findings and decision by e-mail or phone.

Possible outcomes can be a brand new replacement spare part, a refund of the spend money or a discount on your next order.

In some cases, a result may also be that the return has been rejected. This can be done for various reasons which will be explained to you at that moment by email.


Answer and solution


We receive daily questions regarding returns, of course all cases are different. But we have the most requested and useful once written down for you.




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